Serving as a Wounded Healer: Caring for Self While Caring for Others

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Serving as a Wounded Healer: Caring for Self While Caring for Others

19 November, 2020 @ 1:00 pm 4:00 pm CST

Serving as a Wounded Healer: Caring for Self While Caring for Others


Sarah Buino, LCSW, RDDP, CADC, CDWF is a speaker, teacher, therapist and the founder of Head/Heart Therapy in Chicago. She is a licensed clinical social worker, registered dual diagnosis professional, certified addictions counselor and a Certified Daring WayTM facilitator. She holds a masters degree from Loyola University in Chicago and specializes in shame, trauma, and substance use disorders. She has trained in a variety of therapy modalities including: NARM (neuro-affective relational model), sensorimotor psychotherapy, comprehensive energy psychology, psychodrama/experiential therapy, and shame-resilience. She uses these modalities as a framework to support resilience within her clients and create a space for self-knowledge and growth.S

Sarah is a member of the adjunct faculty at Loyola University Chicago, Fordham University and presents on topics such as shame, trauma and addiction to therapists all over the country. She’s also the host of two podcasts: Conversations With a Wounded Healer which examines the role of one’s own healing while being a care-giving professional. And Transforming Trauma, a podcast by the NARM Training Institute about thriving after trauma.

Sarah integrates her knowledge of complementary healing modalities such as music, yoga, reiki, and the chakra system into her clinical practice to help clients enhance connection with their authentic selves.

From an early age, Sarah began to share the stage with her mother who was a professional singer. She sings in a local Chicago band and has utilized her musical skills in therapy interventions at various addiction treatment centers in the city.


We are called to the helping profession due to our own experience with addiction, trauma, and other difficult life circumstances. In this field, we are encouraged to practice self-care, but not often encouraged to take a deeper look at what comprises “wellness” and what gets in the way. Given our current state of pandemic, clinicians are currently experiencing the same trauma as our clients. Now more than ever, we must investigate our own wellness so we can continue to support our clients.

Professionals are expected to know the latest evidenced-based tools to support clients, but are we practicing what we preach? This is not a fluffy self-care seminar, but rather a call to action designed to challenge participants to step into their own healing with courage. In order to thrive in this field, it’s crucial we shine a light on what really matters when it comes to caring for ourselves and the barriers that get in the way of being our best selves.

In this seminar, SAMHSA’s Wellness Initiative will highlight the “Eight Areas of Wellness” along with Kristin Neff’s components of self-compassion. Participants will be challenged to audit their own practices to align their professional and personal selves.


  • Participants will differentially define burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma.
  • Participants will explain the components of self-compassion and demonstrate an understanding of tools to enhance self-compassion practices.
  • Participants will discuss the eight areas of wellness and their application to themselves as wounded healers.
  • Participants will analyze current self-care strategies and create an individualized plan to decrease stress and increase resilience.