Trauma Informed: Invisibility and Victimization of Black Girls

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Trauma Informed: Invisibility and Victimization of Black Girls

26 March, 2021 @ 1:00 pm 3:30 pm CDT

Black girls often go through life feeling invisible like they do not exist or are not important. They are victimized by being suspended from school, sexually exploited and sent to juvenile detention centers at a higher rate then other girls from other races their own age. They often combat negative stereotypes of the Angry Black Girl/Woman syndrome often depicted on television and social media. Developmental consequences of Trauma and Trauma Informed Interventions will be explored to help Black girls heal and restore.


  • Define what it means to be invisible as a Black girl.
  • Examine how invisibility and victimization impacts preschool and elementary Black girls.
  • Examine how out of school suspensions, expulsions, and poor attendance contributes to the invisibility and victimization of Black girls.
  • Examine how everyday practices at school such as dress codes and hairstyles contribute to the victimization of Black girls.
  • Explore how the media promotes sexual exploitation and objectification of Black girls.
  • Explore the history of colorism and how it was devised to create division among Black girls.
  • Examine the negative stereotypes of Black girls/women such as the “Angry Black Woman Syndrome” portrayed in society.
  • Examine the importance of Role Models.
  • Define and understand how implicit biases, cultural responsiveness, social emotional learning and restorative justice practices can help eliminate unintentional discrimination which causes Black girls to become victimized and invisible.
  • Explore trauma informed interventions and counseling activities to help restore and heal Black girls.

Presenter: Angela Gray, MSW, EDs is a School Social Worker of seventeen years for the Alton School District at Alton High School. I am also the Executive Director of Empowered 2b Me, an educational consulting organization. I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social work with a Specialization in School Social work. In 2014, I obtained a Specialist degree in Education Administration. I have extensive knowledge of working with students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. In addition, I have knowledge of working with at-risk students, especially female students.

I am an author of two books to help teen girls overcome negative attitudes, “Help! I Have an Attitude Problem! A Self-Help Book and Journal to Help Teen Girls Overcome Negative Attitudes” and Check that Attitude!”, a book designed to provide strategies for educators when dealing with girls with negative attitudes.