Live Conferences

MIMH Professional Training presents many live conferences throughout the year.


Enduring Programs

MIMH Professional Training has enduring programs available for on-demand training. 


Web Conferences

MIMH Professional Training provides free and fee-based streaming web conferences.



MIMH Professional Training can accredit your program.


Suicide Prevention Training – December 9– Online

Fulfills Suicide Prevention Requirements for Missouri licensure

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

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What Our Clients Say

MIMH Professional Training serves many different client bases including State entities and private practice.  MIMH Professional Training strives to serve all behavioral health workers in the state of Missouri.

“The MIMH program has been a huge help with us as we structure and offer our non-credit, professional development programs. Their expertise, helpful attitude, and easy-to-use system are vital to our continuing education programs.”

Dan Sise, JD
Interim Dean – Public Policy Administration program – UMSL

“MIMH enhances the professionalism of our conferences with their AV expertise. They help the speakers set-up and troubleshoot when there is no sound, video is not working, or microphones are too quiet or too loud. Their immediate attention keeps us focused on the conference sessions moving as planned and improving the overall experience of attendees.”

Maureen Cunningham
Executive Director – Missouri Brain Injury Association

“Each year, MIMH puts on a world class Spring Training Institute on mental illness, substance use disorders, and related topics. I have attended many conferences during my career, and these are among the very best.”

Mark Stringer
Director – Missouri Department of Mental Health

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Live Conferences

We produce meetings of all shapes and sizes, from one speaker to dozens, in a wide variety of locations. Our focus is on providing quality, convenient presentations for busy professionals.  


Enduring Programs

We offer a large catalog of high-quality trainings that make it easy for behavioral health professionals to earn CEUs that are needed without having to wait for a live conference. We work with subject-matter experts to develop courses that convey important educational content. Then, we supplement their presentation with additional materials, post-tests, and the opportunity to receive CEUs.

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