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Programs offered by MIMH Professional Training are accredited with CEUs by UMSL|MIMH.


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Definition of a CEU:

The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a nationally recognized unit of measurement of continuing education designed to provide a record of an individual’s continuing education accomplishments. It was developed by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

One (1) CEU is equal to 10 Contact Hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction. The Contact Hour is defined as a typical 50 minute classroom instructional session, or its equivalent.

Some professions require specific numbers of CEUs, Contact Hours or Clock Hours on a regular basis for re-licensure. In some instances, it is the employer which requires specific numbers of CEUs, Contact Hours or Clock Hours annually as an indication of continuing training.


What is a Clock Hour:

A Clock Hour is defined as a 60 minute hour. Some licensing boards or employers require Clock Hours as their unit of measure for continuing education training. Check with your employer or licensing board to see whether they require the CEU, Contact Hour or Clock Hour unit of measure. Additionally, you can check here to determine if CEUs are applicable to your relicensure requirements in Missouri.


MIMH CEU Certificates:

MIMH frequently receives inquiries regarding the hours (clock, contact and CEUs) of our programs. In an effort to help understand how hours are calculated and/or accepted for counselors, psychologists and social workers by the Missouri Division of Professional Registration we’ve provided the following information.

Many of you know that MIMH is part of the University of Missouri, which is an accredited university and an acceptable institution to earn your CEUs for relicensure. When you earn hours via an MIMH training you will notice that your certificate gives hours by clock (60 minutes), contact (50 minutes) and CEUs (10 contact hours are equivalent to 1 CEU). However, the breakdown of hours can be confusing for all three professions. It’s important to know what your profession requires.


Missouri Division of Professional Registration:

Psychologists should review Chapter Seven, Continuing Education for information on hours.


Social Workers should review 20 CSR 2263-2.082 Continuing Education for information on hours.


Counselors may review their guidelines at:


If this information does not help clear-up your questions, it may be helpful to contact your Missouri Division of Professional Registration.


To confirm and find more information, visit: