MIMH Professional Training Accreditation

Whatever your accreditation needs, we can help.

Not only do we produce high-quality, accredited training programs; but we also have the ability to certify other organizations’ programs through MIMH Professional Training at UMSL. No matter what your CEU needs, from simple accreditation to registration processes, attendance tracking and reporting, course evaluation, and certificate distribution, we can help.

Ask How we can Accredit Your Program

In-Person Conferences

Whatever size, whatever location, we can accredit your in-person program.

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Online Conferences

No matter how many sessions, or number of speakers, we can accredit any size crowd online.

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Hybrid Conferences

Need to reach both in-person and digital crowds, we can help and provide the accreditation you need.

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Enduring Programs

Want to create a repeatable program for your workforce and make sure they attain the accreditation they need, we can do that. 

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The cost is less than you think. 

Want to provide your staff with extra incentive for attending your next training program? Contact us to have your program accredited so participants can receive CEUs for attending. Pricing for accreditation starts at $495.

For procedures on how to accredit your program, click here to download this guide.