About Our Services

A few things we’re great at

Most of our customers are familiar with our programs, but many don’t realize that we also perform services for outside agencies. We have experience in nearly every aspect of training development, from accreditation to live conference planning to the creation of digital development and association management.

We are dedicated to staying current with the newest technologies to ensure that our training materials are as widely accessible and cost-effective as possible. We have experience developing:

Association Management

If you need guidance and support for your association, we can help.


We can provide just about any accreditation needed for your program or organization.

Conference Planning

Need to bring together people and train them, but don’t have the time or tools.  Be it In-Person, Online or Hybrid, we can help you accomplish your goal.

Digital Development

Need to create a video, audio, slideshow, website, podcast, training, testing, or anythign else in the digital realm, we can help you accomplish that.

If you need assistance, we are here to help.

MIMH Professional Training can help you with all of your training, logistics, digital development and management needs. Please feel free to give us a call and have a conversation on how MIMH Professional Training can help your organization.

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