Community Mapping

Community Mapping


Wednesday, August 26, 1:30 pm pm CDT

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The Community Toolbox , a service of Work Group for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas defines a community asset (or community resource, a very similar term) as anything that can be used to improve the quality of community life. The real value and payoff of identifying assets is in actions that will improve the community. Community asset mapping identifies strengths within the community. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a method of digital (i.e., computerized) mapping that can show you where particular people, events, things, or conditions are, and give you other information about them as well. It links data to its geographic location.

Program Presenter:

Mary Homan, MA, is a Research Specialist at the Missouri Institute of Mental Health, a Center for Policy, Research, and Evaluation at the University of Missouri School of Medicine. Her responsibilities include analysis and evaluation of agencies who are receiving funding as part of a co-occurring disorders grant which addresses mental health and substance abuse disorders and long-standing barriers to appropriate treatment. Additionally she works with partners at the Department of Mental Health in evaluating a statewide effort to develop infrastructure and implement integrated treatment services for clients with co-occurring disorders. Mary has significant experience with data management and analysis especially using SPSS as she maintains extensive databases and performs advanced statistical analysis. She has considerable experience working with spatial and temporal data in various GIS applications and serves as a GIS expert in health and behavioral sciences. Mary actively works with community members in partnership building and institutionalization as well as serves as a health policy consultant for local and state legislators.

Continuing Professional Education:

We offer the following accreditation which is available during the Web Conference, via a link below the video window: The University of Missouri-Columbia Missouri Institute of Mental Health (MIMH) will be responsible for this program and maintain a record of your continuing education credits earned. The Missouri Institute of Mental Health will award 1 clock hour or 1.2 contact hours (.1 CEU) for this activity.MIMH credit will fulfill Clinical Social Work and Psychologist licensure requirements in the State of Missouri. Attendees with licensure from other states are responsible for seeking appropriate continuing education credit, from their respective boards for completing this program.

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