An Introduction to EMDR: The Art and Science of EMDR-IFS

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An Introduction to EMDR: The Art and Science of EMDR-IFS

May 10 @ 1:00 pm 4:00 pm CDT

Embark on a journey of discovery and skill development with our introductory training session on Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. Designed for mental health professionals seeking to deepen their understanding perhaps pursue in depth training in this transformative approach. This session covers the fundamental principles, history, and applications of EMDR. Participants will explore the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model and its relevance EMDR. The EMDR Certified therapist and also Consultant in Training will delve into the eight phases of EMDR therapy. Participants will also engage in considering how case conceptualization impacts the treatment planning, and gain insights into advanced processing techniques. Moreover, the session offers a unique perspective on integrating Internal Family Systems (IFS) with EMDR, enhancing participants’ therapeutic toolkit and clinical awareness in preparation for considering more advanced training in EMDR and IFS.


  • Review foundational principles and historical background of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, laying the groundwork for an introductory understanding of its applications.
  • Explore the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model, elucidating its theoretical underpinnings and implications for therapeutic practice, thus enhancing participants’ conceptual grasp of EMDR.
  • Detail the eight phases of EMDR therapy, emphasizing the importance of case conceptualization and treatment planning.
  • Introduce advanced processing techniques, including utilize Cognitive Interweaves and integrating Internal Family Systems (IFS) principles into EMDR therapy, empowering them to consider new ways of addressing complex clinical presentations more effectively.
  • Foster an understanding of the integration of EMDR and IFS, including delineating the 8 C’s of Self, elucidating the distinction between Parts and Self, and exploring the 6 F’s of Working with Parts, thereby expanding participants’ knowledge of potential clinical applications.
  • Access additional resources for further learning in EMDR and IFS


Ladonna Beachy, LCSW, MSW, is a distinguished and compassionate licensed clinical social worker based in Columbia, Missouri, boasting a career that spans over three decades. Her steadfast commitment to counseling, social work, training, and trauma-informed care has positioned her as a respected figure in the field, leaving an enduring impact on the well-being of individuals and communities alike.

Throughout her extensive career, Ladonna has served as a tireless advocate for vulnerable populations, including those in child welfare, non-profit homeless services, and forensic mental health. Her remarkable 26-year tenure in state service, notably 15 years at Fulton State Hospital where she retired in February 2021, showcased her expertise in social work, intensive case management, training, and program development. Notably, Ladonna spearheaded the establishment of the first Trauma-Informed in-patient Forensic Mental Health facility in the United States, demonstrating her visionary leadership and commitment to innovative approaches to care.

Ladonna’s dedication to healing and supporting trauma survivors remains steadfast in her current private therapy practice, Wren Counseling Solutions LLC, established in March 2021. Here, she provides therapy to individuals, couples, and families, specializing in trauma, loss, and mood-related symptoms. Additionally, Ladonna offers licensure supervision for Missouri LMSW candidates and serves as a devoted First Responder Provider, offering crucial support to professionals who encounter trauma daily in their work. She also extends her expertise through Trauma-Informed Care Training and Consulting for community providers and has recently joined the Board for Stop Human Trafficking Coalition of Central Missouri.

With extensive experience and training in various trauma-informed clinical modalities, Ladonna is certified through EMDRIA as an EMDR Therapist and is actively pursuing further accreditation as an EMDR Consultant in Training (CIT). She integrates evidence-based approaches into her practice, including Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Internal Family Systems Informed Treatment, ensuring that her clients receive comprehensive and personalized care tailored to their needs.

Ladonna Beachy’s career is a testament to her unwavering commitment to social work, trauma-informed care, and ongoing professional development. Through her expertise and dedication, she continues to make a profound and positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities, providing pathways to healing and empowerment for all those she serves.



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