Facilitating Healthcare Kit

Facilitating Healthcare Kit

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People with serious mental illness suffer significantly higher rates of chronic medical conditions than the general population and die, on average, 25 years younger. These increased levels of morbidity and mortality are largely due to preventable causes including a high prevalence of modifiable risk factors, a lack of adequate preventative care, and the side effects of some psychiatric medicines.

Chronic medical illness is a major obstacle to recovery from serious mental illness. The Facilitating Healthcare series contains important information about the unique health challenges people with mental health conditions face, and ways those challenges can be reduced through the application of practical cooperative care strategies linking primary care and behavioral health establishments.

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255 minutes


Casey Williams, MD, MSPH
Dr. Williams is an academic fellow and clinical instructor in Family Medicine at the MU School of Medicine. He graduated from the Family Medicine residency program at MU in 2011 and has recently completed a master of science in public health degree.

He is a primary care physician, practicing at the Smiley Lane Family Medicine clinic in Columbia, Mo. Dr. Williams is interested in population-based health interventions to prevent or reduce chronic diseases, and has recently completed research studying college students and health-related Smartphone app use. He has also contributed to research in health communication and health literacy. Dr. Williams hosts a weekly health-oriented radio talk show on KCOU 88.1FM in Columbia, Mo.


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Viewers of the Facilitating Healthcare kit are eligible to purchase CEUs for their participation. A total of eight clock hours, one per video, are available. CEU certificates, which are automatically generated upon the passing of an online post-test, can be purchased for $15 per hour under each video’s individual listing on this website.

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