Introduction to Ethics

Introduction to Ethics


Tuesday, August 20 at 9:00am CDT (1 hour)

Registration Fee:

Free – (CEU for $15 fee)

No pre-registration needed

Participants will:

  1. Gain an understanding of the inextricable relationship between ethical practice and risk management.
  2. Acquire a basic understanding of a general framework for ethical practice and decision making in healthcare which can inform their current work and serve as a starting point for more specific ethics training modules.

Best practice in the provision of care to children calls for all professionals to receive training in ethics. Aside from the obvious moral considerations attendant to expectations of ethical practice in working with vulnerable populations, sound training in ethical practice also constitutes a critically important approach to risk management, protecting the safety and wellbeing of clients, as well as protecting individual practitioners and agencies from adverse legal actions and licensing complaints.

Michael Meehan, PhD is a proven and visionary leader with a wealth of experience in program implementation and management, advocacy, human resources, risk management, media relations, and performance improvement. He is a skilled clinician with more than 20 years’ experience in the planning, provision, and oversight of mental health services. A manager known for attaining outstanding end-results. Since 2012 Dr. Meehan has worked as the Executive Director for the Good Shepherd Children and Family Services.

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