Opioid Management for Chronic Pain in Primary Care

Opioid Management for Chronic Pain in Primary Care

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Webinar Overview: Managing Chronic Pain can be a significant challenge that requires accurate assessment and a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. A collaborative care approach involves medication management, as well as self-management, physical therapy, occupational therapy and behavioral health interventions. Guidelines and Pharmacological Challenges of Opioid Management for Chronic Pain and improving care will be discussed

Target Audience: The webinar is designed primarily for prescribing providers that include Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. Other health professionals within the health center are welcome to attend however, the question and answer period is limited to prescribing providers to address the needs of the primary audience.

James Toombs, M.D.
Director of the Pain Rehabilitation Center
St. Louis VA Medical Center

Ronald B. Margolis, Ph.D.
CEO, St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute
Professor of Family and Community Medicine at Saint Louis University
Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe guidelines for appropriate Opioid use in the treatment of Chronic Pain.
  2. Describe the Adjunctive and Alternative therapies to the pharmacological treatment of Chronic Pain
  3. Demonstrate how to navigate a new patient visit
  4. Demonstrate the ability to develop a multidisciplinary treatment plan
  5. Describe an Opioid Trial
  6. Demonstrate the ability to identify signs of Opioid abuse

This activity has been planned and implemented the joint sponsorship of the Missouri Primary Care Association, Missouri Coalition of Community Mental Health Centers, St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute, Missouri Department of Mental Health, and Missouri Institute for Mental Health.

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