Special Event Video

Special Event Video


Thursday, September 4th from 11:15am to 4:00pm CDT

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Program Description:

This workshop will provide guidelines for responsible leadership among the media and community spokespersons, with the goal of preventing suicides through enlightened coverage of such events, and galvanizing community action to prevent future suicides.


11:15 – 1:30 Plenary Program

  • Surgeon General Galson “Addressing the Suicide Epidemic”
  • Dr. Reidenberg “Suicide: The Good, The Bad, and The Goal of Better Suicide Prevention”
  • J. Schafer, Kansas Public Radio, moderator Panel Discussion andQuestion and Answer Session
  • Dr. Galson and Dr. Reidenberg joined by panelists from MO Dept. of Mental Health; and KS suicide prevention committee
  • 1:45 – 4:00 Workshop

  • Dr. Reidenberg “Guidelines, Tips, and Ways to Help The Media”
  • Full Agenda as PDF

    Program Presenters:

    Dr. Steven K. Galson, Acting Surgeon General

    Dr. Daniel Reidenberg, Executive Director of SAVE

    and many others, please see full agenda below.

    Conference Actions: