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Motivational Interviewing for Medicaid Health Providers

Behavior problems are common and change is hard. Treatment as usual tends to emphasize advice and prescription, but patients are often ambivalent about change and physician insistence is often a poor motivation. Research has shown the Motivational Interviewing is effective in helping clients develop their own intrinsic motivation for change.

How is Motivational Interviewing Applied

Further explore both the importance of the Spirit of Motivational Interviewing and guidelines for specific applications of MI. Topics include a brief review of empathic counseling skills (OARS) and in introduction to directive aspects of MI, dealing with resistance, and recognizing and eliciting change talk.

What is Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing is a tool for use in helping people resolve their ambivalence, or internal conflict, about changing their behavior. This training covers what MI is, why you hear people talking about the Spirit of MI and why that that is so important. You will learn how MI works and why, and be given resources for further learning or finding information, and for comparing MI with other approaches.