My Ethics: Minimizing or Maximizing My Ethical Values

This training will challenge participants to look at ethics not from an absolute right and wrong perspective but from a continuum perspective that demonstrates how to maximize ethical behavior in a number of foundational ethical principles. The training will include the concepts of Positive Ethics verse Minimal Ethics, understanding not just the what of ethics codes but…
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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training: The Basics and How to Report

The goal of this presentation is to provide foundational information to help employees focus on and fully grasp the different types of sexual harassment in the workforce. Attendees will be able to identify the impact of sexual harassment, know how to report an incident, and understand their protections under the law. This presentation is interactive…
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Personal Safety & De-Escalation for Helping Professionals

Description: The personal safety of social workers is a vital part of our practice. This workshop will empower social workers to develop situational awareness and consider best practices for safety in the office and in the field. Case studies will highlight the importance of safety considerations and provide learners with the opportunity to critically analyze…
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Suicide In Jails

Suicide in Jails Presented by, A. E. Daniel, MD Dr. Anasseril E. Daniel, will provide an overview of his latest book, Suicide in Jails and Prisons: Preventive and Legal Perspectives. If you are a social worker, counselor, work as a behavorial health professional in the corrections system, any other behavioral health profession or a lawyer…
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