Linking Child Status with System Performance: The Missouri QSR

Linking Child Status with System Performance: The Missouri QSR


Thursday, August 21 at 11:00 AM CDT

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The current climate of accountability for our practice, performance, and results creates a need to monitor how well the local system of care
works for our children and families. We need ongoing feedback about
capacities, practices, working conditions and results in our case practices. The Quality Service Review is a case study technique that
relies on a guided professional appraisal by using various sampling
strategies to “spot check” daily frontline practice and performance.
Through the use of status indicators, the QSR shows what’s working for children served and can be used for practice development and service system refinement.Key Concepts of the Quality Service Review will be reviewed, describing how this instrument:

  • Shifts the focus from compliance to practice-linked results;
  • Utilizes a case study technique that relies on a guided peer professional appraisal, and;
  • Uses measurement and learning processes to stimulate practice development and support program improvement.
  • Program Presenters:

    Robyn Boustead has over twenty years experience in mental health and substance abuse policy, administration, and evaluation. Ms. Boustead’s current work at the Missouri Institute of Mental Health involves serving as a liaison to the Missouri Department of Mental Health’s Divisions of Psychiatric Services and Alcohol and Substance Abuse. In this role she provides consultation and technical assistance on policy, program and evaluation activities in the areas of system of care development including statewide coordination of the Quality Service Review process, prevention, trauma, children’s services and consumer/family involvement. Her focus is on organizational change and leadership in being system capacity for change. In addition, Ms. Boustead works on a joint MIMH and University of South Florida project funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to determine the role of conflict in the development of children’s system of care interagency governing structures. Prior to her current role, Ms. Boustead has served as the Principle Investigator, Project Director or Evaluator for four SAMHSA-funded initiatives: Starting Early Starting Smart (CSAP), and the Children’s Mental Health Services Initiatives in Ohio, Maine and Missouri (CMHS). As the Program Manger for Children’s Mental Health Services for the State of Maine, she provided leadership in the development of a comprehensive children’s mental health system that included adolescent substance abuse services. From 1989 until 1994 Ms Boustead worked for the MO Department of Mental Health as the Child and Adolescent Service System Project (CASSP) Director.Adkins, Rita E., M.P.A., Project Director-MIMH
 has over 12 years experience in project management, as well as the design and management of large databases. Ms. Adkins was the Project Manager of a large, multi-site federal research initiative to
study the cost-effectiveness of consumer-operated programs as an adjunct to traditional mental health services.  Her experience includes
development of automated data entry systems and website development for substance abuse and mental health systems research projects.

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