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Meet Molly Thomas. When Molly was 4 years old, her family placed her at the Marshal (MO) Habilitation Center because she could get better care there than they could give her at home. We had the honor of meeting Molly in 2009 as her siblings made the decision to move her from the Habilitation Center into a home in the community. These videos tell the story of the transition, which took place 58 years after her original placement. Both were funded by the Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council.

In our first video, we get to experience the transition process. We meet the players involved–the family, the Habilitation Center staff, the persons responsible for her care in the community home–and we get to hear their impressions of who Molly is and how the process plays out for her and for them. Many families struggle with the decisions regarding care for their loved ones. How does it work for Molly?

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Good Golly, Miss Molly: A Family’s Transition Story  

In the second video, we follow up with Molly three years after her first move into the community. How are things working out? What is her quality of life? Has it been a smooth ride or have their been rough times? Is she receiving the high quality of care her family was accustomed to? How is she doing medically? This video gives us a chance to explore each of these questions.

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Beyond Expectations: The Continuing Story of Molly Thomas (Part II)  

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