Trauma 101: Understanding the Impact of Trauma

Trauma 101: Understanding the Impact of Trauma

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Many people, children and adults alike, suffer experiences that meet the definition of trauma. The impact of traumatic events on individuals varies but approximately one third of people experiencing trauma will require professional intervention. A definition of trauma is presented; the impact that trauma has on individuals described; and various ways to treat trauma introduced. Several evidence based interventions are included among the various treatment modalities discussed.

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Margaret Comford Margaret Comford is the founder of the Midwest Trauma Treatment Center with over 20 years experience working in the field of trauma. She is trained in the three identified best practices in treating traumatized youth and is committed to the spread of these interventions. Margaret provides individual and family therapy utilizing the evidence-based interventions. She continues to increase awareness and understanding of trauma, evidence-based treatments and other relevant topics by providing trainings to the community, mental health providers and agencies.



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