Understanding Abusive Men

Understanding Abusive Men

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Ms. Kabitsi defines abusive behavior and illustrates the general pattern of abuse in relationships. She further describes three main types of abusive men. Treatment options and recommendations for interacting with these men are discussed.

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Natasha Kabitsi, PhD Natasha Kabitsi, PhD Ms. Kabitsi received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Saint Louis University following an internship at the St Louis Psychology Internship Consortium. She is in the process of publishing her dissertation research titled, “Violent Marriages: Blame, Anger, and Shame as Experienced by Greek Women.” During her training, Ms. Kabitsi provided assessment and therapy services at the Saint Louis University’s Psychological Services Center, was a mental health counselor at the College of Pharmacy, and volunteered at a Batterer’s Intervention program in the Saint Louis area where she facilitated group psychoeducation to abusive men. During her internship year, she worked as a psychology intern at both an acute adult psychiatric inpatient facility and a long-term adult psychiatric rehabilitation center in Saint Louis, as well as at the University of Missouri-St Louis Community Psychological Center where she carried a caseload of adult, adolescent, couples, and family clients. Ms. Kabitsi aspires to become a psychotherapist working with adult populations in individual and couples treatment, as well as adolescents in family therapy.



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